26 March 2019


Wavreumont | Belgium

The Monastery of Saint Remacle was founded in 1950 by a group of monks from the Abbey of Mont-César (Louvain). Sited at Wavreumont in the Belgian Ardennes, mid-way between the towns of Stavelot and Malmedy, it inherited the name and the monastic tradition of two abbeys (Stavelot and Malmedy) founded by St. Remacle in the 7th century. Their monastic life was interrupted by the French Revolution at the end of the 18th century. The community now counts about twenty monks.

Founded in 1950, become a conventual priory in 1966, the monastery is intentionally modern in its architecture. Following the Rule of St. Benedict - their inspiration - the monks give special attention to the divine office (and the liturgy), to welcoming guests, and to manual work.

• The monks come together four times a day in their church to sing the praises of God – which St. Benedict calls the Opus Dei – to pray and to celebrate the Eucharist.

• A hostel nearby to the monastery welcomes those in search of spiritual renewal in silence and participation in the prayer of the monks. Another house, further away (le Mambré) caters for more independent groups.

• The monks have within the monastery a little workshop for industrial painting and forestry products. They work there individually ; this is the major source of income for the monastery. Some monks also do pastoral work in parishes in the locality.

The monastery founded a little community near Lima, Peru, which today has been taken in charge by a lay religious fraternity. In 1998, the monks of Waremount opened a new priory at Chucuito (Peru) on the banks of Lake Titicaca , which is at an altitude of nearly 4 000 metres.



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