28 March 2019


Egmond | Netherland

The Egmond abbey was founded at the beginning of the 10th century by Count Dirk I. Initially he had the nuns pray for the salvation of the count’s family.

Around 950 the sisters were moved to Bennebroek and monks from Ghent came to sing the praise of God. A small miniature of a tenth-century gospel manuscript which is now in the Royal Library in The Hague, bares witness of this foundation. At the end of the 11th century a scriptorium is mentionned where manuscripts were copied, but also where new books were written. One of the most important history books of the Middle Ages, the Egmond annals, were composed in Egmond around 1100. Also other important historical sources have survived thanks to the monks of the Egmond Abbey. The medieval history of the Abbey ends in 1573, when the Beggars set fire to the buildings. For centuries to go the ruins of the Abbey Church and the adjacent church will stand in the fields near Egmond. In 1800 also these last memories were demolished because of their dilapidated state.

Modern history
In the 20th century the monastery was rebuilt. On 23 August 1935, monks from Oosterhout repopulated the Priory of St. Adelbert, which then in 1950 was elevated into an Abbey. In the now substantially enlarged building the monks started making candles in 1945 to provide for their livelihood.

Initially they only made church candles, but gradually the production grew into a wide range. Nowadays candles are made for numerous occasions. For several years already the candle factory also houses a pottery studio. The success of the candles and ceramics factory led to the expansion of the activities of a monastic shop, a religious bookstore, a museum and an art exhibition.


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