• Jan 25

    Saint André de Clerlande


    The Benedictine community of the Monastery of Saint André de Clerlande is in a phase of conversion. From 25 January to 16 February, the Abbot President helped the brothers to discuss and work on the choice of new projects for the future.  

  • Jan 18

    Fraternal visit in Tyniec


    On his way back from the Ukraine, the Abbot President paid a fraternal visit to the community of Tyniec. The visit was an opportunity to reflect and discuss with the Seniorate the situation of the monastery one year after the canonical visitation.  

  • Jan 12

    Canonical visitation at Zhytomyr and Lviv / Ukraine


    Father Abbot President, together with Prior Vadimir Kasan of Sampor, carried out a canonical visitation of the Abbey of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Zhytomyr and the cell of the same monastery in Lviv - Slolonka. From 8 to…

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