• Aug 29

    The Synod of Abbots Presidents in Conception Abbey / USA


    This year's synod of Abbot Presidents was held at the home monastery of Abbot Primate Gregory Polan. In summary of the Synod he wrote: "We can rejoice in a productive and peaceful Synod recently completed at Conception Abbey, my home monastery.  I …

  • Aug 20

    Visit in Clerlande / BELGIUM


    In a summary of the Abbot President's visit, Fr Pierre  de Bethune wrote in the newsletter “Clerlande infos”: "After four years, my mandate as prior has come to an end and Father Maksymilian Nawara, Abbot President of our Benedictine Congregation, …

  • Aug 5

    The Canonical Visitation and the Election of the Prior in Asirvanam / INDIA


    Immediately after the visit to Kappadu, Abbot President Maksymilian and Abbot Clement travelled to Asirvanam. There, the visitation preceded the election of a conventual prior. After an initial term of eight years, Father Jerome Naduvathaniyil was e…

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