• Sep 12

    The General Chapter at Subiaco ended


    In the last 8 days at Subiaco, the place of origins of the Benedictine's life, there was held the General Chapter of the Congregation of Annunciation. More than 40 participants from the incorporated and affiliated cloisters discussed about the curr…

  • Sep 10

    Benediction of Abbot President Maksymilian R. Nawara


    Today, 10th September, during the Holy Mass celebrated in the Benedictine Monastery Sancto Speco at Subiaco, Italy, took place the rite of benediction for the new elected Abbot President of our Congregation, fr Maksymilian R. Nawara. The solemnity w…

  • Sep 10

    The Members of The Council of Abbot President Appointed


    During the morning session of General Chapter in Subiaco, in the last day of debate, there were appointed the Members of the Abbot President s Council. The Presidents Council consists of four Assistants. Two of them are appointed by the President, t…

  • Sep 1

    Father`s Ludwik Mycielski jubilee of monastic vows


    On 14th of October 2018 father Ludwik Mycielski from the Priory of Annunciation at Biskupów, Poland, will celebrate his 70th anniversary of monastic vows. By this chance brethren form the St. Peter and Paul Abbey in Tyniec, have invited father Ludwi…

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