5 November 2022

A Short Letter from Ukraine

There are far fewer people living in our monastery now than in the first months of the war. Some of them were able to return to their homes in areas liberated by the Ukrainian army, while others managed to find housing and work in our area. There are currently more than a dozen families with us, including elderly and sick people. Some of these families no longer have homes to return to.

Our children and young people have managed to make education possible, although still under wartime conditions. They study at a nearby elementary school or in Lviv itself. They also attend regular psychological and developmental classes. In one of the monastery's rooms we have created a common room for the youngest, where we organize games and activities for them. Invariably, however, the children's most favorite way to spend their time, after school, remains running through the monastery's corridors and riding their bicycles. Some of the young people are participating in catechization and they prepare themselves to  receive the sacraments.

Currently, we are taking a lot of effort to prepare ourselves to survive the winter. We are installing an alternative heating system for the monastery in case we can’t use the primary one. Our monastery has also organized a humanitarian aid station in cooperation with Caritas. Once a week, we distribute needed items to the needy, single mothers or the disabled.

In recent weeks, we have suffered Russian missile attacks on critical infrastructure facilities less than a kilometer from the monastery building. Despite the damage to the electrical grid, we have electricity, although it is currently being turned off for several hours on an emergency basis in Ukraine. The sisters in the convent in Zhytomyr are experiencing more power supply difficulties and are vulnerable to Russian drone attacks.

Thank you for your generosity. We ask for your prayer and we assure you of our prayers.

Yours in Christ

Brothers and Sisters from Lviv


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