12 March 2022

Update from Ukraine

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Since the beginning of the war, the situation has tragically changed in both our Benedictine communities in Ukraine.

The sisters were bravely in Zhytomyr until Saturday (March 5). Friday (March 4) was difficult and crucial for them. After a few nights with limited sleep and continuous evacuations to a bomb shelter, the older Sisters weakened considerably and they no longer had the physical strength to constantly evacuate. On Friday night, Russians bombed school in the vicinity of the monastery. This made the sisters decide to move to L’viv. After a dozen or so hours of driving, they safely reached the convent in L’viv.

There are 3 brothers and 18 sisters in L’viv already. They work hard welcoming more than 100 refugees from the eastern part of Ukraine every day. Mostly people stay overnight and go on to Poland.  Brothers and Sisters give them food and basic care. Their fatigue increases with each passing day. I don't know how long they will be able to do it, but so far they are very brave.

Here in Poland we are in constant contact with the monastery in L’viv. We organize both financial and material assistance. We also help to find places for refugees coming from Ukraine, especially those who pass through the monastery in L’viv.

We all hope the horror of war will end soon.


Maksymilian Nawara OSB


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