10 September 2018

Benediction of Abbot President Maksymilian R. Nawara

Today, 10th September, during the Holy Mass celebrated in the Benedictine Monastery Sancto Speco at Subiaco, Italy, took place the rite of benediction for the new elected Abbot President of our Congregation, fr Maksymilian R. Nawara. The solemnity was presided by the Abbot of Maredsous, fr Bernard Lorent, who has granted the benediction to fr Maksymilian. Abbot Bernard was asked to do so, since the Maredsous Abbey is for the Congregation of Annunciation the mother cloister. The former President, fr Ansgar Schmidt presented fr Maksymilian for this blessing on the very beginning of his service. Fr Ansgar preached the homily as well. He remembered to his successor two points from the Rule of Saint Benedict. The first one is multorum servire moribus, which means, to serve to a variety of characters. The diversity of characters is apparent even within one community. In the pluriformity of the cultures the cloisters of our congregation are located in, it becomes even more relevant. Therefore complementary to those words and as a help shall be regarded the very first word from the Rule: ausculta - listen, which means in the practice to bent down, to find the way, to encourage in the difficult situations, the president has to deal with. He shall be at the same time like the strange monk or like synpect described by Saint Benedict in our Rule. At the end of his homily fr Ansgar said that we all are called to grant fr Maksymilian the place in our hearts and to encourage our communities to pray for him and to help him in his work. The Mass was concelebrated by the fathers present at the Chapter and Mons. Luigi delegated by Mauro Meacci, the Abbot of local community at Subiaco. All the participants of the General Chapter have attended also the ceremony.

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